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फ़रवरी 19, 2010

Poetry-Music of my Heart

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Poetry is the music of my Heart

Writing is my passion. Any thing that I see around, feel even smell needs to find expression from the lips of my heart in a spoken language. In a way I talk to myself and reproduce the thoughts through language, may it be Sindhi, Hindi or English. Poetry is the music of my Heart and it is a part of the constitution.  Writing   poetry is like nourishing a garden where we sow seeds of words that sprout when you put manure of efforts and nourish with thoughts, it is only then that the colorful ideas with fragrance come to the surface. In every human there is a dormant poet, an artist, a sculptor some where or the other. When expressing a personal thought, idea or concept, it travels through expression finding words and ultimately the personal feelings are generalized. The speechless thoughts take the support of words to find expression and they grow and mature as the saplings, start whispering and walking. Still the fact remains unchanged that ‘Life’ is poetry but poetry is not life. Words and poet have a co-relative bond. Words may exist without a writer, but a writer cannot exist without words. But poetry in form of words on paper is nothing but the fruit of thoughts that survive in the heart of a poet.


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